SPNN Nurses: Are You Missing Your Breaks?

April 2015

Keep Calm-white on blueIn January 2015, Labor and Delivery RNs in Mary Birch missed 206 breaks and had nearly 100 missed or late meals.

In February, the situation got worse. RNs in Labor and Delivery missed over 360 breaks and had nearly 200 missed or late meals.

Sharp owes you a 10-minute break for every four hours worked. IT'S THE LAW! Working without a break creates unsafe conditions for patients and your license.

Did you miss any of your breaks today?
Sharp owes you one hour pay for a missed break. 

Did you miss your meal break? Was it late or interrupted?
Sharp owes you one hour pay for late, missed, or interrupted meal breaks plus any time actually worked.

What can you do?

  • Your Union stewards and officers are circulating a letter to management. Sign the letter calling for better staffing and 100% compliance on breaks.
  • Tell management you need breaks.
  • If you miss a break, fill out a BLUE Staffing Objection form that is highlighted for missed breaks. Fax the form to the Union at (619) 280-7406.