SPNN Bargaining Update #13

October 2016

Sharp Professional Nurses Network

October 28, 2016

Sharp management has informed us and you that it is implementing selected parts of its so-called "last, best and final" contract offer. This is a slap in the face and a clear violation of federal law. It is an insult to our solidarity and our determination to achieve a fair contract.

Management's claim that there is an impasse in our bargaining is false and they know it. We are now charging Sharp for additional federal labor law violations at the National Labor Relations Board. Management will be held accountable for their flagrant law-breaking.

This coming week, you will hear a lot more from your Sharp RN bargaining team. We are not taking this sitting down. We are going on the offensive. We are going to turn Sharp’s law-breaking into an advantage in our fight for a fair contract.

Stay tuned for news in the next few days about what we have planned!

We are the REAL Sharp Experience – rest assured that very soon Sharp will have to recognize that!

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