SPNN Affiliate Officer Elections

December 2013

As a result of our recent nominations and election process, the following are SPNN officers:
SPNN President: Christina Magnusen, RN
SPNN Vice President: Kathy Banes, RN
SPNN Treasurer: Larry Winkler, RN
SPNN Secretary: Lois Klepin, RN
Mary Birch Chair: Isa Contreras, RN
Mary Birch Co-Chair: Sheila Berg, RN
Mesa Vista Chair: Shawn McCoy, RN
Mesa Vista Co-Chair: Daniel Quinones, RN
Coronado Chair: Lois Klepin, RN
Coronado Co-Chair: Dwight Bowman, RN
Chula Vista Chair: Sandra Powers, RN
Chula Vista Co-Chair: Joshua Denny, RN
Grossmont Chair: Tiashira Gadlin, RN
Grossmont Co-Chair: Maria Armpalu, RN
Metro Co-Chair: Carole DeVito, RN
Non-Hospital Chair: Karen Cubelo, RN
Non Hospital Co-Chair: Jan Hodgson, RN
At this time, the position of Metro Chair is vacant. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, or have any questions, please contact Charmaine Morales, RN, UNAC/UHCP Secretary at charmaine.morales@unacuhcp.org or (909) 599-8622.