Social Media Online Tutorials

August 2013

Finally, your social media questions answered! In response to common questions we've received, such as "what is a hashtag?" and "what in the world is Instagram?", UNAC/UHCP has created a series of online trainings for the biggest social networks. We did not produce one for Facebook, because it is self-explanatory. However, the following are more inspired social networks, for when you want to delve deeper into the online world of information sharing and networking.

Best use: Breaking News
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What in the world is Twitter? And what are hashtags? Watch our online tutorial to learn that and more.

Best Use: Professional Networking
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LinkedIn is the place to go to network with colleagues in different units or facilities, as well as friends from professional schools and associations.

Best Use: Sharing Photos
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Instagram is the premier photo sharing site, purchased by Facebook, and far more integrated into your social networking life than you realize. Many of your friends are posting their Instagram pictures directly on to Facebook.