Sharp Continues to Fail Nurses

September 2016

September 8, 2016


Sharp management failed to make significant movement on any of our core issues at contract negotiations today. They haven't budged from their initial wage proposal.

Sharp RNs stand united on four key issues:

  • Compensation - We stand by our proposal of 20% in the first year, 6% in the second year, and 6% in the third year. These increases are necessary for our wages to be competitive in the San Diego market.
  • Representation - We continue to fight against management’s extreme proposal, which would set limitations on access to our medical centers by our staff representatives.
  • Union membership - Union security is needed to ensure our collective voices are protected and we are able to best advocate for our profession and our patients.
  • Cancellation - We have several major disagreements on cancellation, including the order, mandatory on-call, and no limits on how often.

Our four core issues must be addressed to resolve issues of recruitment and retention of great nurses, and to ensure quality care at Sharp HealthCare.

During the morning at bargaining, RNs attempted to deliver hundreds of new membership cards and Sharp refused to process the cards.

We were expecting them to return to the bargaining table in the afternoon. But due to management’s refusal to follow the normal process in the receiving of our new membership cards, it became a wasted opportunity on management's part to move closer to agreement.

Management finally agreed to accept the cards. We expect to receive the official proof of receipt of our membership cards from management at 10 am tomorrow, September 9. Make sure you attend the morning session!

September 9, 2016


10 am - 4 pm

Four Points by Sheraton San Diego
8110 Aero Dr. | San Diego, CA 92123

Child care will be provided



We need your input ASAP!

Sharp management proposed a clinical ladder, consisting of Clinical Nurse 1 (CN1), Clinical Nurse 2 (CN2) and Advanced Clinician (AC).

We do not agree with management’s proposed clinical ladder requirements. We did, however, tell management we would survey you to understand if there is any interest in a clinical ladder.

Please answer this short questionnaire to let us know how you feel about a clinical ladder: unacuhcp.org/SPNNsurvey

Please note that all fields in the survey are mandatory and we must be able to verify that you are a Sharp RN for your response to count. Only one response from each RN will be tallied.

CLICK HERE to access the clinical ladder interest survey


Text SPNN to 237263 to sign up for important text updates