SFRNA Bargaining Update #7 – Oct. 19, 2017

October 2017

On October 19, our RN bargaining team put forward our initial compensation proposal intended to address ongoing retention issues and recognize RNs’ skills, experience, and dedication. We requested that:
  • All new grads be merged into the current RN wage grid
  • Everyone be moved to the correct step on the wage grid—the step each RN should have progressed to in the last 2-3 years if a wage freeze had not been implemented
  • Grid to go up by 6% every year on January 1
  • Wage option and per diem grid increased by 5% (from 15% back to 20%)
  • Charge RN differential, bilingual differential, and night/evening differentials increased
  • MICN certification hours clarified
At this time, all of our union’s proposals are on the table. Let’s continue to keep the pressure on management! We have more strength at the bargaining table when RNs show up.

Click here for a PDF version of this update.



On Wednesday, October 18, a delegation of RNs delivered an open letter from our Contract Action Team (CAT) to top administrators and to the Verity legal team.

SFRNA nurses stand united in our demands for a contract that protects our patients, our community, and our practice.

"We want a better future for our patients, our community and our registered nurses. Not only do we want a contract that will improve the way patient care is delivered at St. Francis, but we also want a contract that reflects our long-term commitment by improving our benefits, compensation, and contractual standards."


Read the full letter at unacuhcp.org/SFRNAopenletter