September 10th PMRNA Memorandum

September 2013

September 10, 2013

To: Registered Nurses

Fundamental to the strength of our Association and its purpose is the unwavering support of each and every Registered Nurse. As we continue to face workplace challenges, your Officers work tirelessly to serve you. On behalf of PMRNA, your Officers would like to thank you for supporting the Registered Nurses Association. We are committed to advocating for nurses and patients.

Your Officers accomplish most of their work behind the scenes. In the past two years, PMRNA diligently represented Registered Nurses on issues related to disciplinary actions, staffing and patient care, contract violations and interpretations, compensation, annual evaluations, time and leave, and EEO complaints.

PMRNA is bringing our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to the forefront. We provide guidance to management to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the CBA. The Registered Nurses Association Committee (RNAC) Meetings and the Partnership Forum Meetings between labor and management have been revived to forge a harmonious relationship. The meetings occur monthly and quarterly, respectively.

Nurses bear a tremendous responsibility to advocate for patients, their professional practice and for a safe working environment. Speak up when you identify patient care and safety issues. To better serve you, contact one of your Officers by email and provide a brief description of the issue. As warranted, complete a Staffing Objection Form (SOF) and/or Report of Contact (ROC) and provide a copy for PMRNA. This process will enable your Officers to attend to your concerns more efficiently. Your voice – every voice – matters. Our patients matter.

PMRNA’s Executive Committee is composed of the following Officers:

Mary Mendoza, President
Andrelin Zulueta, Vice-President
Glenn Natividad, Secretary
Victoria Jezik, Treasurer
Michelle Lanorias, Associate Representative Coordinator

I will release another memorandum within the next few weeks to provide information on labor issues relevant to your professional practice (e.g., floating, annual evaluations, contract education). I will also discuss PMRNA’s methods of disseminating information to Registered Nurses.

On behalf of PMRNA, your Officers would like to thank you again for supporting the Registered Nurses Association and for allowing us to serve you.

In unity,

Mary Mendoza, MSN, RN, CCRN
President, PMRNA/UNAC