Senate Releases New Health Care Bill

July 2017

On July 13, the Senate released a second version of the health care reform bill. Instead of crafting Trumpcare legislation that gives us improved health care outcomes, the Senate has drafted another incredibly shortsighted health care bill. Millions will lose health insurance if this bill becomes law.

As nurses and health care professionals, we are the ones who give our all to save an uninsured patient who delayed care until the last possible moment. The delay in diagnosis and treatment doesn't save taxpayers any money. All of us end up paying more. As we all know, it is the patient and their families who pay the ultimate price, because delayed diagnosis and treatment can be deadly. For those who do survive, it impacts wellness, recovery, quality of life and often the ability to remain employed.

If Congress, and specifically the Senate Republicans who drafted this bill, really wanted to fix health care, as they claim, they would focus on how to improve health outcomes for our country. This bill simply removes coverage rather than addressing the underlying problems, such as access and affordability.

This bill will harm our patients. That is why UNAC/UHCP, like most health care and patient advocacy organizations, opposes this latest version of Trumpcare.