Sandy Oleson, RN, Honored at San Diego/Imperial Counties Central Labor Council Annual Awards Dinner

June 2012

On March 17, our own Sandy Oleson received the Outstanding Labor Volunteer of the Year award from the San Diego / Imperial Counties Central Labor Council.  UNAC/UHCP was also recognized as labor union of the year.

“What you do comes back to you  tenfold,” Sandy told us. She traces her involvement in the San Diego Labor Council back to her time as an affiliate officer at Kaiser San Diego, when then UNAC President Kathy Sackman told affiliate leaders to get involved with their local labor councils.  “It seemed the thing to do,” Sandy said.  “And I enjoyed it.”

What Sandy intuited from Kathy’s advice was giving back to the community is part of being a caregiver.  While Sandy took part in numerous food drives in the Imperial County, holiday toy and food distributions, the letter carriers’ food drive, and political activity such as precinct walking, phone banking, and rallies, what meant the most to her was walking the picket line with other workers.

“Nurses have so much.  We were in solidarity on the picket line for people walking for $7 or $8 an hour in wages. We needed to be there.  We are so blessed as nurses,” she told us.  For Sandy, as a nurse, it came down to taking care of others beyond the bedside.  She strongly encourages nurses and other health care professionals to get involved in their communities, and to make their voices heard in the issues that impact their lives.

Congratulations to Sandy for the so richly deserved award!