Safe Staffing Victory: 80 New Positions at Kaiser South Bay!

October 2015

Thanks to the efforts of UNAC/UHCP members, approximately 30 new RN positions have been filled at Kaiser South Bay and another 50 RNs are expected by the end of October!

Safe Staffing South Bay 20150923resized
As patient advocates, Kaiser South Bay Health Care Professional Association (KSBHPA) members have worked for years to address concerns about understaffing, refusing to accept the situation.

KSBHPA members realized they needed a focused effort with new tactics to address the issue of safe staffing. Enter the safe staffing campaign.

UNAC/UHCP filed grievances, staffing data and procedures were closely evaluated, and there was a push for meetings to address staffing issues with management.

Members took action and wore safe staffing stickers and buttons, signed a petition in support of safe staffing, and stood in solidarity with colleagues who testified at a hearing to address staffing grievances.

As a result of all the hard work and support for the safe staffing initiative, approximately 30 RNs have been hired and interviews are in process to hire another 50 RNs. This is a huge victory for safe staffing at Kaiser South Bay!