Press Release: Corona Regional Nurse to Address UHS Shareholders

May 2014

May 21, 2014

Corona Regional Nurse to Address UHS Shareholders

King of Prussia, PA—Registered nurse Marie Narisma traveled to Pennsylvania to attend a Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) shareholders meeting today to alert CEO Alan Miller to patient care and safety concerns.

“UHS needs to take responsibility for the situation in UHS Corona Regional Medical Center, where I work. The nurses are pushing improvements for our patients’ safety, and hospital administration needs the support of UHS corporate to make it happen. We all want quality patient care and a safe hospital,” said Narisma.

UHS Corona has a history of unsafe and substandard patient environments.  UHS Corona failed to provide latex-free gloves, as required by law, in the Maternal-Child area of the hospital until nurses pointed out the oversight.  They mishandled the removal of asbestos exposing nurses and patients to the potentially cancer-causing mineral fiber.  And until nurses pressed the issue, they often left emergency patients without medication or supervision in a so called RAP room, where patients were taken to await test results. In all three cases, Corona nurses have spoken out to correct unsafe conditions.  Other UHS medical centers are suffering from the same symptoms.  For instance, unsanitary conditions at UHS Sierra Vista have caused multiple MRSA outbreaks.

Narisma will be taking these issues to shareholders in an attempt to bring about swift and lasting change when it comes to patient safety.  “My goal in speaking at the shareholders meeting is to bring to light the inexcusable inaction of UHS and create a safer medical center for patients as well improved care,” she said.