President Obama Appoints Three to NLRB

January 2012

In a move designed to keep the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) functioning, President Obama yesterday appointed Sharon Block, Richard Griffin, and Terence Flynn to the Board as recess appointments.

Obama avoided a potential filibuster in the Senate of his appointments. By law, the President appointments members of the NLRB, with the consent of the Senate. This is not the first time Obama has made recess appointments to the NLRB. In April 2009, Obama nominated Craig Becker, Associate General Counsel of SEIU to the NLRB. In February 2010, his nomination appeared to die when Republican Senators threatened to filibuster. Instead, Obama recess appointed him in March 2010.

Obama's recess appointments were pivotal because the five member NLRB was down to just two members, too few to fully function. The Board is now restored to full membership.

Sharon Block is a deputy assistant to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Richard Griffin is a board member of the AFL-CIO, and Terence Flynn is a counsel to the Republican member of the board.