Postal Service Cuts a Blow to The Workers Too

January 2012

Proposed legislation that would address problems with the postal service's finances would also severely cut the benefits of USPS union members--leaving many near financial ruin.

Labor's Edge Blog puts it best when it says:

If Congress succeeds in this attack against the postal unions, it will shift its focus to the rest of the unionized federal workforce, including our newly certified brothers and sisters who are employed by TSA.

There is time to do something about this bill, and help pass a bill that will actually work. Labor's Edge has more information:

As early as next week, S. 1789, the so-called 21st Century Postal Service Act, is moving forward for a floor vote in the Senate.

We need your help to stop this attack. Please call Sen. Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841 and Sen. Barbara Boxer at (202) 224-3553 and ask them both to oppose S. 1789 in its current form. The legislation is deeply flawed and needs significant changes before the Senate should consider passage of this bill.

Changes to the bill should include provisions from S. 1853, which actually does take the necessary steps by addressing the issues laid out above to strengthen the Postal Service while maintaining the excellent level of service Americans have come to expect, preserving middle-class jobs and creating new opportunities for the Postal Service moving forward.