Pharmacists Ratify First UNAC/UHCP Contract

September 2015

Christine Suh Votes SmallKaiser Pharmacists in Southern California have overwhelmingly approved their first UNAC/UHCP contract. The votes were counted on Saturday, September 19, after 17 ratification meetings spread over four weeks. Highlights of the agreement include restoration of the defined benefit pension plan, conversion of part-time Pharmacists to fixed FTE status, conversion of qualified Per Diem Pharmacists to benefited status, secure retiree medical benefits, committees to address workload issues and many other improvements.

With this new contract, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Pharmacists will become the newest UNAC/UHCP affiliate. We will begin working with management to implement the contract’s many changes. In addition, a Constitution committee has begun work on a draft Affiliate Constitution, which will be sent to the Pharmacists soon for their approval.

"What a wild and crazy ride! Thanks to everyone who had the faith to affiliate with UNAC/UHCP. Looking forward to a bright beginning." —Lawrence Louie, Negotiations Team, Baldwin Park

"The ratification of this contract reflects the tireless effort, leadership and unwavering commitment of UNAC/UHCP and our negotiations committee team. For that, I am very grateful to them! To our membership, thank you for your engagement and voice!" —Leigh Ann Nguyen, West LA