Pharmacists Negotiations Update: May 18, 2015

May 2015

On Friday, May 15, our pharmacist negotiations team came to an agreement with management on New Hire Probation and Loss of Seniority (based on separation from KP) language.

At our next session we plan to discuss Seniority, Leaves of Absence, and Union Representation.

We encourage all members to attend our next negotiations session:

Tuesday, May 26, 9 AM
UNAC/UHCP State Office
955 Overland Court
San Dimas 91773

"After discussion regarding the complexities of training and evaluating new pharmacists, management and the union were able to amicably agree upon a probationary period for newly hired pharmacists."
-Melany Yee, Orange County, Irvine

Download a leaflet with this information to print and share with coworkers.