Per Diem Pharmacists: Better Off Under UNAC/UHCP Contract

February 2015

•    A 20% wage differential has not deterred managers from using UNAC/UHCP-Represented Per Diems because are still less expensive than fully benefited employees.
•    UNAC/UHCP contracts specify a minimum Per Diem work commitment so that management must schedule them for a certain number of shifts per quarter (and Per Diems must commit to working a certain number of shifts).

UNAC/UHCP-Represented Per Diems accrue seniority rights for job bidding purposes and are given absolute preference over all outside candidates.

•    Per Diem pharmacists pay full dues only when working more than 40 hours per pay period, the same as full-time and part-time pharmacists.
•    If a Per Diem works less than 40 hours, they pay a pro-rated, per hour dues amount.
•    If a Per