Parkview Registered Nurses Association Bargaining Team Update — April 21, 2011

April 2011

On our third day of negotiations with PCHMC management we are happy to report the tentative agreement to Article 10, Seniority. Negotiations were lively and several counter proposals were made by both teams. Articles discussed included: Article 6, Patient Care Advocacy, Supervision and Professional Responsibility, which includes floating, charge nurse workload, cancellation, preceptor language; Article 11, Job Posting and Filling of Vacancies; Article 12, Hours of work and Overtime.

Our most passionate and intense discussion revolved around the issue of Successorship and what happens to our Collective Bargaining Agreement in the event the Hospital would be sold. This issue has been an ongoing concern to our members since the inception of PRNA.

Your support and presence is critical to our success. We urge you to attend and make your voices heard. Nothing screams louder than the rows of nurses standing up for your rights and supporting your bargaining team.