Parkview Nurses: Moving Forward in Negotiations

April 2014

Collage 01Bargaining Update: April 29, 2014

Great turnout today at negotiations! Thank you to all the nurses for your presence. As always, your participation is vital.

Where Are We Now?

We have reached mutual agreement on more than ten articles:

Article 1: Recognition and Coverage
Article 4: Non-Discrimination
Article 5: Harassment
Article 7: Grievance Procedure
Article 9: Probation and Evaluation
Article 10: Seniority
Article 11: Job Posting and Filling of Vacancies
Article 15: Leaves of Absence
Article 23: Notices
Article 24: Savings Clause
Article 25: Entire Agreement

Still To Come

We will present our economic proposals this Friday, May 2!

How Can We Stay Strong?

Come to Negotiations!
May 2 | 11 AM
Founders Center Boardroom