Parkview Negotiations Update

February 2014

A True Believer in Unions

PRNA would like to introduce our newly elected member of our Bargaining Team, Lois Mitchell of Mother Baby. Lois may have been at Parkview for one year but she’s brought with her 30+ years of experience in Union activities. She has been a Union Rep. and was the elected President of the UNAC/UHCP affiliate at Kaiser Riverside for two years. Lois has always been a supporter of Parkview. She picketed with us during the very beginning when we tried to unionize and she was one of the 14 delegates during UNAC/UHCP’s Special Convention in May of 2013.  Lois tells us, “ Getting involved will give you security in your job and protect you from unfair circumstances. It will create many benefits which include better working conditions, fair practice and monetary gain.”

CAT Members Still Needed

We are still in need of  Contract Action Team (C.A.T) members in all the departments to be our liaison between the Bargaining Table and your fellow members. Your job will be to pass information on to the members about Negotiations. It will help us reach out to more of you and obtain much needed feedback as to the direction we all want our negotiations to go.

If you’re interested in being a team member please contact one of your officers or E-mail us at ASKPRNAOFFICERS@GMAIL.COM

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Time after time, no matter the species, working together for a common goal has always proved fruitful. Even the simplest of animals realize the power in numbers. Whether it be for protection, foraging, aerodynamics or warmth, they understand the benefits of working together. Birds flock, fish school, insects swarm and cattle form herds. If the rule seems simple, that’s because it is.

Simple rules we don't use enough. But now is the time to flock together. Now is the time for unity. Your voice, your participation is crucial. We have a lot at stake and it’s going to take the efforts of all of us to obtain the best contract. We all want better working conditions that will help improve quality patient care. We all want to have decisions made in an unbiased, fair and professional manner. And we all want fair and progressive compensation.

Be a part of the flock. Come be our foundation during Bargaining. Come support your contract and your right to have a voice. Your presence will make a difference.

Always remember what Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Hope to see you at Negotiations. We’re saving a chair for you.

Bargaining Dates

Mark your calendars people. We have set the days to negotiate our next contract. Find yourself there.

Times and locations to be announced.

Dates: March 11, 12, 21, 27, April 2, 3, 9 and 10

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