Parkview Management Treats Travelers Like Family and PRNA Like Guests

April 2014

Bargaining Update: April 15, 2014

Until bargaining resumes on April 29, we have a chance to look at some of the outstanding issues in negotiations.

How would management's proposed contract changes affect Parkview RNs? And more importantly, how would they affect our patients?

Let's start with Article 6–Patient Care, Advocacy, Supervision and Professional Responsibility:

Management proposes:

  • RNs with 25 years of service to Parkview should float. The message to Parkview RN’s: Parkview's CEO does not respect Longevity, Service and Commitment to one facility. Unacceptable.
  • Charge Nurses should float. What would this mean for us? Parkview RNs could be left without a charge nurse to assist with patients and their families, lunch relief, procedures, transport of patients and staffing just to name a few. Unacceptable.
  • Travelers should only float “as permitted by their contract." What would this mean for us? Parkview RNs could have to leave their home unit to float while a traveler stays in the unit. Unacceptable.
  • Travelers should only be cancelled “as permitted by their contract.” What would this mean for us? Parkview RNs could continue to be cancelled and their PTO banks depleted while our CEO gives contractual preference to RNs outside of Parkview. Why should our contract mean less than Traveler contracts? Totally Unacceptable.

Management “pledges to make every effort” to cancel an RN no more than 3 times in a 6 week schedule. What does this actually mean to Parkview RNs? When Parkview cancels RNs once a week, all they have to say is they “made every effort” not to cancel you.

Here’s the kicker: Management does not want to agree to a maximum number of cancellations per 6 week schedule. When they do cancel you, if you take PTO for the cancelled shift and then they call you on another day to work an extra shift, they no longer want to pay you time and one half for the extra shift.

Come to Bargaining and Tell Management: "This is Totally Unacceptable!"

Our bargaining team continues to fight hard for us. They need the support of each and every Parkview RN to win a great contract!

When you attend negotiations you get to offer input to the Bargaining Team on the issues. Be there for:

April 29: We tackle Patient Care, Floating, Cancellations and other non-economic issues.

May 2: We present our economic proposals: Wages and Benefits.

April 29 and May 2 | 11 AM
Founder's Center Boardroom
Wear Your UNAC/UHCP Scrubs & Sticker Up!