Parkview CEO Wants RN Discipline to Last Forever

April 2014

Negotiations Update: April 4, 2014

Crossed Arms-WebApril 2 and 3 negotiations were cancelled due to Joint Commission Survey, but our bargaining team continued to work for us.

Management provided counter-proposals electronically that would have been handed across the table on 4/2. Those proposals were reviewed by the Bargaining team and this is what we found:

Do you know that instead of the current corrective action process Parkview CEO Steve Popkin wants punitive and rapidly-accelerating "progressive" discipline?

See CEO Popkin's proposals for Forever Discipline (Articles 7 and 8) for yourself.

Our contract currently says that no disciplinary document (level 3 or above) shall be utilized in any personnel decision after one year.

Parkview CEO Steve Popkin wants to use disciplinary documents in your personnel file against you FOREVER!

We are RN professionals, Steve, not children, and we will not accept being placed on permanent "Time Out."

Today if you are placed on investigatory suspension you are paid for hours lost while on investigatory suspension.

Parkview CEO Steve Popkin wants to suspend you without pay-even if you have done nothing wrong!

See CEO Popkin's proposals for Forever Discipline here.

Parkview Works Because We Do!

Come to negotiations on April 9th and 10th and let your voice be heard.

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