Out-Of-State Billionaires Dump $4 Million for Prop 32 Ads

September 2012

There was a major development in our fight against Prop 32, the Special Exemptions Act, last week. A group with close ties to the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove placed a $4 Million Dollar ad buy in support of Prop 32.

If it wasn't clear already, this removes any doubt; Billionaire CEOs and corporate special interests are funding Prop 32. Prop 32 is a sham; Billionaire CEOs and operatives like Rove don't spend $4 Million Dollars on a proposition that would weaken their political dominance. They want to silence your voice so they can write the rules for themselves.

Our strength lies in the collective power of you, our members. Now more than ever we need to band together to fight these billionaire-funded attacks on our rights. Please volunteer now to contact your fellow members and neighbors to let them know the truth about Prop 32.

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