Our Voice at the NUHHCE 2011 Convention – Sept/Oct’11 Voice

October 2011

UNAC/UHCP joined the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees (NUHHCE) in 1988. When NUHHCE was founded in 1932, it was the first union to represent health care workers. Once every three years, NUHHCE holds a convention for affiliates to come together to decide the future of the union.  The following are UNAC/UHCP’s delegates and alternates to the 2011 NUHHCE Convention.

Ken Deitz, RN, UNAC/UHCP
Barbara Blake, RN, UNAC/UHCP
Delima MacDonald, RN, UNAC/UHCP
Michael Zackos RN, Kaiser LAMC
Rosario S. Sagun RN, Sharp Grossmont
Nancy Li RN, Kaiser San Diego
Femia C. Santos RN, Sharp Grossmont
Milagros R. David RN, Kaiser Riverside
Gregory W. Lutz RN, Kaiser San Diego
Elizabeth Hawkins RN, Kaiser Riverside
Dawn Driscoll RN, Kaiser San Diego
Jetti Deden-Castillo RN, Kaiser Downey
Susan Davis RN, Kaiser Riverside
Moises Alarcon RN, Kaiser Baldwin Park
Susie Crawford RN, Kaiser Downey
Holly Erving RN, Sharp Grossmont
Donna Smith RN, Kaiser San Diego
Carolyn Bravo RN, Kaiser San Diego
Cindy Klein RN, Kaiser Riverside
Sunny Barana, UNAC/UHCP
Kamesha K. Bailey RN, Kaiser San Diego
Gerardo Bajamundi RN, Kaiser Downey
Scott Byington RN, St. Francis
John “Tim” Uliasz RN, Kaiser San Diego
Jeff Cochran RN, St. Francis
Tamara Yildiz RN, Kaiser Fontana
Suzanne Delaney RN, Kaiser Riverside
Tina Irving RN, Sharp Memorial
Catherine “Cathie” Moore RN,
Kaiser Orange County
Kathleen Purcell NP, Kaiser Fontana
Debbie Gordon NP, Kaiser Riverside