UNAC/UHCP President Denise Duncan, RN, on OSHA Safety Inspectors

January 2018

UNAC/UHCP President Denise Duncan, RN, released the following statement on the reduced number of OSHA workplace safety inspectors under the Trump administration:

"UNAC/UHCP worked tirelessly for regulations to protect health care workers who were being assaulted on the job. In 2015, regulations were implemented under Cal/OSHA after a series of hearings where nurses and health care professionals shared stories of being punched, slapped, kicked and beaten in their workplace. These regulations are critical to ending dangerous workplace practices that cause untold pain and suffering in the lives of survivors.

"California's division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA, enforces these regulations with workplace safety inspectors. Safety in the workplace should be a given. Yet the Trump White House has stalled in hiring new workplace safety inspectors to replace the 40 inspectors who have left OSHA, which is 4% of the total inspection force.

"Even a 4% reduction can have serious consequences. If employers don't think OSHA has the staffing to investigate their workplace, workers are more likely to be injured on the job.

"While California health care workers will still be able to rely on state OSHA inspectors, all Americans who work outside the home should worry about dwindling safety standards in workplaces under this Administration.

"Is it really up for debate that our workplaces should be safe? This Administration needs to start acting like those who provide the labor are as important as those who profit from our work."


United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC/UHCP) represents over 30,000 registered nurses and other health care professionals, including optometrists; pharmacists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; case managers; nurse midwives; social workers; clinical lab scientists; physician assistants and nurse practitioners. UNAC/UHCP is affiliated with the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO.

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