OC Members Join Riverside and Button Up!

April 2012

Protesting any takeaways in benefits, Orange County members joined Riverside nurses and healthcare professionals and “Buttoned Up” to support our bargaining team. Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC) and CNMs and WOCNs have been participating in Button Days at their facilities alongside other UNAC/UHCP members.

Check out the latest national Bargaining Bulletin for more details.

Hundreds of members at Anaheim and Irvine Medical Centers and clinics throughout the county wore campaign buttons to show their support for our bargaining team.

"Get involved to witness firsthand the struggles we've gone through to get what we as Kaiser employees have now and will FIGHT hard to maintain for our future!"
--Kristen Jenkins, Irvine Medical Center, 4MSB

"Every UNAC/UHCP member needs to stand up in these negotiations because united we stand, divided we fall."
--Yvonne Barczak, Case Manager, Orange County

Sign up online to attend national bargaining at the Pasadena Hilton or Manhattan Beach Marriott here, (SCNSC and CNM/WOCNs should sign up here).