Note to Delima from Sonia Moseley, NP

March 2012

I have known Delima for more than 20 years.  I remember I was impressed with her when she was the treasurer for the Kaiser Panorama City Affiliate.  When we lost our State Treasurer Kathy and I were looking for someone we thought would be good for the State Organization and both of us thought about Delima.  She ran and was elected as our State Treasurer.  We grew from the one person in Finance to where we are today thanks to Delima.  As you all may know she has taken this position seriously and guards the funds closer than Brinks would.  Because of this UNAC/UHCP has been able to grow and be successful.

On a personal note she and I were often mistaken for each other and I suppose it is because we are fellow Pisceans. You could not ask for a better friend and co-worker than Delima.

Again UNAC/UHCP owes much of its success and ability to have the kind of programs that further the Health Care Professionals voice at work to Delima’s ability to budget and her meticulous handling of the funds.