Note to Delima from Kathy Sackman, RN

March 2012

I remember browbeating you at a Convention (I can’t remember the year), into running as UNAC Treasurer as we had a vacancy.  Since we weren’t paying much of a salary, you decided to continue to work in ICU on 12 hour shifts night turn, and then spend the rest of the week at the UNAC office.  I believe we had a part-time clerical person helping you out.  That lasted about six months, and you decided that the Treasurer’s work was at least full-time, and I had to agree with you.

Delima, we had a few thousand members when you took over as Treasurer, and you have been there and instrumental in our growth and expansion.  You have taken care of our finances, as if they were your own, and you have never deviated from your philosophy that our members came first.  You also strongly believed that the UNAC finances were our members’ money, and needed to be spent to represent our members, and grow the organization to give power to our members.

You spent hours educating our staff, and our Affiliate officers about the legalities of dealing with the members’ dues, and were always willing to work with the local Affiliate Treasurers when they asked.

The Finance Department has grown and expanded under your leadership.  Your competency as a Treasurer had kept us whole.  We have been able to meet all of the needs and demands of our membership, as well as address the struggles and battles happening in the workplace and legislature that do affect our members.

UNAC/UHCP will not be the same without you.  I have valued you as a fellow officer, and more importantly, as a friend.  I can tell you, you will enjoy your retirement !!

Kathy Sackman