Note to Delima from Barbara Blake, RN

March 2012

When I initially was getting acquainted with UNAC/UHCP, Delima was welcoming and supportive, never judging.  As long as I’ve known her, she’s shown unlimited generosity of heart and spirit, forgiveness, enormous compassion, and true loyalty as a friend.  As her name suggests, she is a totally unique individual with a wild sense of humor.  She’s the car speeding by you on the freeway, and as many have noted, she used to be the motorcycle racing past.  At the same time, she also loves good food, wine, movies and art.  She’s spiritual and a teacher.

The other side to Delima is the one we all know and love: the strong advocate for patients, nurses, and workers.  She’s a tireless steward of the UNAC/UHCP members’ monies, and extremely frugal with finances.  Few know as a child, she knew she wanted to be the treasurer of an organization.  Delima, I’m glad of all the places you could’ve gone, it was UNAC/UHCP that helped fulfill this childhood dream.  We will miss you terribly.