New Staff: Paul Hayes Rocks On

August 2012

Meet UNAC/UHCP’s new Strategic Research Analyst, Paul Hayes. It’s a sign of our growth that he’s joined us. He will be costing contracts, doing budget analysis at hospitals and researching organizing targets, all key elements of winning strong contracts and bringing new members into the Union.

For Paul it all goes back to an early job during college, in a non-union grocery store where he saw co-workers on food stamps and working multiple part-time jobs. He decided it made no sense that people could work so hard and still be poor.

Paul might look mild-mannered, but while working on his Master’s Degree from Cornell he played bass and sang in punk bands. He experienced a lot of snow and cold growing up in upstate New York, but he didn’t come to California to get away from it. In fact, now that he works in San Dimas, he and his wife plan to move with their ten-month old daughter to Mt. Baldy. They love the cold and the outdoors.