New Staff: Bobbi Meyer, NP, and Greg Wilson

February 2014

Becoming the new Staff Rep for Kaiser Bakersfield and the Antelope Valley won’t be much of a stretch for Bobbi Meyer, NP. Before making the jump she was Executive Chair of the Bakersfield affiliate. Always interested in helping people, she’s been a nurse for almost 40 years and a Nurse Practitioner for almost 20, with a strong background in education, including Director of the NP program at Cal State Bakersfield for 13 years. She also has a law degree with a focus on health law, and though she doesn’t practice, it makes her that much tougher when it comes to interpreting contracts and advocating for members.

She grew up in Iowa, where she first went to nursing school and then worked in psych and behavioral health, before being recruited to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles. She went to USC to become an NP. Missing rural life, she retreated to Tehachapi, where she enjoys photographing the dessert and the seasons in the mountains.

Greg Wilson is stepping into a brand-new position at UNAC/UHCP: Assistant Director of Field Mobilization. Our recent contract campaigns have shown that involved members are the most important ingredient for winning strong contracts, so he’ll be working to engage members in building collective power. You could say he was raised for the job, growing up in western Pennsylvania, where his mother was active in her teachers’ union, and where economic decline paralleled the decline of the manufacturing unions that built a strong middle class there.

After getting a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, Greg has spent years in the labor movement, including health care, up and down the west coast. He and his wife have settled in San Diego, where they are raising their infant daughter, born September 17.