Members and Nurses Win Big

February 2014

Emergency medical services throughout the region surrounding St. Francis Medical Center are coordinated by ER nurses like Rosa Carcamo, trained as MICNs (Mobile Intensive Care Nurses) to take emergency radio calls and direct ambulance traffic. Contrary to state regulations, St. Francis assigned MICNs patient loads due to short staffing, at the risk of missing emergency calls. So SFRNA filed a grievance. After a long fight we won all our demands, including agreement to fully staff the ER at all times. “We stood together, we refused to give up, and we won,” said Rosa.

We won a big victory for RNs at Inland Valley and Rancho Springs Medical Centers who tried to join UNAC/UHCP last year. The National Labor Relations Board brought charges for management’s behavior leading up to the nurses’ union election last January. Now the hospital has agreed in a settlement not to engage in interrogation, threats, discrimination and surveillance against the nurses; and to post public notice of the agreement.