Meet Our New Staff – Sept/Oct’10 Voice

September 2010

Christy McConville

Christy McConville

Christy McConville recently joined UNAC/UHCP as the public affairs director after moving back home

to Los Angeles. Her experience is varied, touching the fields of communications, public relations, public affairs, Internet strategy and field organizing. Christy previously lived in Washington, D.C. for nine years, working in the public affairs department at Ketchum Public Relations for the past two years. She has also worked for several political and progressive organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, Center for American Progress, and the Democratic National Committee. Christy received her M.A. in political management from the George Washington University in 2002.

Christy started her career in Los Angeles as a financial analyst at an investment finance firm. Previous to those two years spent in the private sector, Christy attended the University of California, Los Angeles. As a political science major, she spent her days volunteering for political campaigns and her time off cheering for UCLA’s basketball team.