Management Tries to Deny Nurses a Voice

February 2016

Over and over again, management has tried to do everything it can to prevent nurses from being the voice for our patients.

On February 4, management refused to bargain, claiming nurses were no longer interested in trying to fix problems with patient care or our jobs. Management actually claims that nurses want management to have all the control and make all the decisions, by taking away our united voice with the union.

We have stood united throughout this process and we won’t stop fighting for what we deserve. Our bargaining team is fighting for:

  • Fair wages
  • A real voice in patient care
  • Patient safety


CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this update. Fill out the card and give to a bargaining team member. Or, mail card to UNAC/UHCP, 955 Overland Court, Ste 150, San Dimas, CA 91773