Management Fights a Losing Battle in Court

July 2013

In June, after nearly a year of negotiations, RNs at Chino voted to approve their first ever contract. Unfortunately, Chino management has chosen a series of delaying tactics to prevent the immediate implementation of the contract. Just like in the past, when Chino tried to avoid recognizing the majority of the RNs who voted to form a union, and just like in the past when Chino tried to delay the bargaining process, UNAC/UHCP prevailed at each and every step.

The court had to order Chino to the bargaining table, and it may very well take the same level of government intervention to force Chino to agree to implement the contract terms they signed during the bargaining process. Nevertheless, some of the items won in the contract include: no increase cost in healthcare premiums for the next three years; improvements in preceptor pay; established float clusters and guarantees that floating will not occur if there is no proper orientation and validation of competencies; seniority rights; establishment of a Patient Care Committee; just cause and progressive discipline process; Paid Time Off benefits protected; and wage increases.

UNAC/UHCP’s legal team has filed a charge against Chino at the National Labor Relations Board, the government agency that oversees this process, and will continue to be at the forefront, side-by-side with members. After all, UNAC/UHCP is no stranger to the multiple roadblocks that Chino’s owner, Prime Healthcare, has continuously placed in front of their nurses dating back to when they chose to organize. They are a prime example of how out of touch hospital administrators can be about their patients’ needs. Instead of working with the nurses to address patient care issues, Chino administration chooses to spend their money fighting the nurses’ right to unionize.