Madhu Chawla Appointed to California State Board of Optometry

June 2012

A seventh grade dissection of a cow’s eye stoked a lifelong passion for eyes for Madhu Chawla, OD. It was her interest in public health and policy, however, which led her to the California State Board of Optometry.

“The Board of Optometry is the best way to make an impact on public health and public policy,” Chawla said recently, after her appointment was announced. Chawla graduated from the New England College of Optometry 15 years ago, after briefly flirting with the idea of becoming an ophthalmologist. Working with the eyes in some manner would always be in her future.

“I feel that sitting on the Board of Optometry in the prime of one's career is advantageous because you have enough experience to understand multiple aspects of your profession including patient care and clinical practice, administrative aspects, as well the implications on public health,” Chawla shared. “You also have the ability to actively participate in the evolution of your profession as well as potentially improve the profession for future generations. ” Chawla definitely has a wide range of experience to guide her work. She has practiced on the East and West Coasts, in private practice, in a corporate setting, and now works at Kaiser Woodland Hills.

“I’m excited to do it,” Chawla says of her upcoming work on the Board. Congratulations to our own Madhu Chawla!