LRNA Bargaining Update: Negotiations Begin

March 2016


Negotiations for our new contract will begin in April. Initial bargaining dates have been scheduled for April 12 and 13.

During negotiations, we will meet with representatives of Tenet Healthcare to bargain over issues that affect us, our families, and patients. Among other topics, we will strive to improve:
  • Patient care
  • Staffing and workload
  • Wages
  • Breaks
  • Benefits
  • Education and training
  • And other important matters
This is our opportunity to improve our contract and working conditions.

“A strong contract does not just happen on its own! It takes all of us working together, talking to our colleagues and participating in the bargaining process. All Lakewood RNs are encouraged and welcome to attend bargaining sessions.”      

- Veronica Mendoza-Balbin, RN, LRNA President


Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13
10 am - 4 pm
Marriott Long Beach - Hughes Board Room
4700 Airport Plaza Dr. | Long Beach, CA 90815


Bargaining Team Members
Veronica Mendoza-Balbin, RN, CCU
Lorraine Bellinis, RN, Wound Care
Sheila Maderazo, RN, CCU
Krishna Yu, RN, Med/Surg
Rosalia Manalad, RN, OR
Ashley Hooks, RN, Telemetry


For more information, speak to a member of the bargaining team, a union steward, or contact Armin Reyes at Armin.Reyes@unacuhcp.org or 951-966-6089.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF flyer.