Linda Meyer: A Nerd for Labor

November 2014

Linda Meyer grew up in Cottleville, a small Missouri town near St. Louis. She and husband Don raised their three sons in nearby O’Fallon. A couple years ago, with the kids grown up and out, Linda and Don moved to Southern California. With a bunch of nurses and union activists in her family it’s no surprise that’s the new SPNN Staff Rep in San Diego. Before landing at UNAC/UHCP, she led a restless and eclectic career, including newspaper reporter, radio reporter, and hockey program director at an ice rink.

She’s always hated bullies and loved justice. When the CWA Newspaper Guild tried to organize the small newspaper where she worked in Wentzville, MO, the publisher called the staff into a captive audience meeting issuing threats to close the paper, discipline activists and cut salaries if they voted union. Linda, the good reporter, spoke up to question the threats. On that day a passionate labor activist was born. Her labor career has taken her through AFT, several SEIU stops, and CSEA in San Diego. In her spare time Linda is a self-declared nerd and sci-fi fan who volunteered for Nerd HQ at this year’s San Diego ComicCon.