Let’s stand up for one of our own!

March 2014

Nursing student Heather Levia was fired from her job at McDonalds for feeding hungry firefighters out of her own pocket. Read this incredible story and show your support for Heather by signing the petition.

Heather worked at the Olean, NY McDonald's for 8 years. She is putting herself through nursing school while caring for twins. One night during her shift, firefighters came to recuperate after battling a blaze in freezing temperatures throughout the night. Heather spent over $80 of her own money to pay for their meal because she appreciates "everything they do."

For this, Heather lost her job. She says, "It’s just wrong. I wish the communities would change and help each other out." Helping first responders shouldn't be punished—it should be praised.

"This is exactly the kind of person we want in health care. She exemplifies caring and compassion. Not only should McDonald's reinstate her, they should thank her for taking care of community members," said UNAC/UHCP Vice President Denise Duncan, RN. "That someone would be fired for doing something out of the goodness of her heart is unconscionable."

Stand with a future health care professional. Call on McDonald's to do the right thing.