Let’s make our next bargaining session count!

March 2012

Let's make our next bargaining session count!

We've made tremendous progress over the last year, in spite of unnecessary delays and roadblocks by Beverly Hospital. Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board Region 21’s neutral investigation found that the hospital has engaged in unlawful bad faith bargaining throughout negotiations and announced the federal government would be prosecuting Beverly’s violations. (More information) Finally, Beverly Hospital has been told its bargaining tactics are unfair.

Now is our time to get our first contract, because Beverly Hospital has been told its past tactics are unlawful. If we all get together for one final push for our hospital, and our community, we will do it.

The bargaining team has done an incredible job, reaching agreement on nearly all of our proposals even in the face of Beverly’s unlawful negotiation tactics. But it’s going to take everyone's effort. The community leaders we've depended on from the start, our elected leaders, and our fearless bargaining team are continuing to fight. But we can't do it without you. We need each nurse to stand up.

Here’s what you can do:

First, thank your bargaining team for their work, bravery and strength when you see them at the hospital.

Beverly Bargaining Team

Veronica Arellano, T3/Telemetry
Kathy Bennett
Mirka Bojarczak, ICU
Sharlena Garza, ECC
Zeidy Gomez, L&D
Susan Justin, ICU
Maria Salcido, M/S
Isaac Saroia, PACU

Second, show the Hospital you want a contract now and you support our bargaining team as they fight for our contract next week. Encourage everyone in your unit to come too. It's March 29 at the Rosemead Doubletree, 888 Montebello Blvd in Rosemead.

Now is our time to win our first contract. It's going to take all of our efforts to make it happen. Come be a part of our hospital's future as we make history on March 29th.