Lakewood Bargaining Team Presents Wage & Benefits Proposals

August 2013

LRNA Bargaining 20130828 WebBargaining Highlights: August 29, 2013

This week during the two days of contract negotiations with Lakewood, our Union Bargaining Team presented our proposals on wages and benefits.

Here are some highlights of our proposals:

Benefits: We proposed cost controls on both premium costs as well as deductibles. Management counter-proposed increasing costs on our deductibles. It is critical that you come to the next bargaining session to give your input on this issue. Stay tuned for more details!

Wages: For the first time ever, our Union Bargaining Team proposed a wage grid which recognizes our years of RN experience and provides a wage rate that compensates us for the skills and experience we have in delivering quality patient care.

Throughout the day, nurses from departments all over the hospital came to hear the wage proposal and review the wage grid. The Bargaining Team thanks all the nurses who attended. Your input makes a difference.

It is critical that all nurses understand our benefit and wage proposal. We are holding a special General Membership Meeting to make sure that all members know exactly what's at stake in these negotiations. Be There!

General Membership Meeting: Wage & Benefit Proposal Details
Monday, September 23
7:00am to 3:00pm (Breakfast and lunch will be provided)
Conference Room B

More Wage & Benefit Negotiations: Sign Up Here
Tuesday, September 10
Wednesday, September 11
10 AM - 5 PM both days