Labor Activist Linda Sin Joins UNAC/UHCP

November 2014

Linda Sin picked up her habit of saying hi to everyone in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she was born and grew up, until her parents moved the family to San Gabriel, CA when she was in 4th grade, to introduce them to more cultural diversity. She’s UNAC/UHCP’s newest administrative assistant, so say hi to her when you visit the State Office. Linda’s favorite teen summer job was dressing as a slice of pizza on slow days for Papa John’s. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Social Welfare and Sociology, then did a year of service with AmeriCorps in West Oakland.

Since Linda’s first job in labor, data entry for SEIU during an organizing campaign, she developed a passion for empowering members to improve their working conditions. She was in a Master’s program at the time, but realized she already had everything she was looking for in a workplace. She’s never looked back. After SEIU, she worked for UFCW, and the national AFL-CIO as admin assistant for the western region covering 13 states.