KWRNA Candidate Biographies

November 2013

Officer Candidate Biographies


Millicent Manyore, RN, BSN

For KWRNA Secretary

MillicentManyoreMillicent Manyore RN, BSN has over seven years of professional experience which includes critical care nursing but currently works on a step down Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at West LA. Millicent is actively involved in community health initiatives and founded a nonprofit organization Medical Missions Kenya and Hunger Relief where she serves as president and makes annual trips to Kenya with volunteer doctors and nurses for free medical outreaches, to serve the needy and poor communities of Kenya. She is a recipient of a Global Health Certificate with high distinction, and continues to pursue issues involving women and health across the globe. Millicent received the 2012 UCLA Community/World service honor award for her humanitarian efforts. She is passionate about her profession and would like to be involved in fostering a dynamic working environment for direct care nurses, including RN-to-patient ratios and is interested in promoting effective collective bargaining representation in Kaiser West LA hospital.


Beleda Saziru, RN, BSN

For KWRNA Representative Coordinator

My name is Beleda Saziru, RN, BSN. I am a charge nurse/nurse leader in the Family Centered Care (FCC) unit at Kaiser West Los Angeles. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in nurse education. I am very outgoing. I like to hike in my spare time. I have leadership qualities and my peers look up to me. I am assertive, reliable and communicate well.




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