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November 2013

Officer Candidate Biographies


Diana Hansen, RN

DianaHansenFor KRHCPA Representative Coordinator

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 45 years. I know that really makes me sound old, but I’ve only been a mother for 16 years so I hope that makes me really sound young. My 3 children came to me “special delivery” through public adoption when I was in my late forties and they have been the most powerful inspiration for me and what I have been doing these past years.

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Massachusetts and Florida. I graduated from community college in Florida with an Associate Degree and I attended University of Florida in their Communications program.

I’ve always loved being a nurse. I started in Recovery Room, then worked as Passenger service Agent /Nurse for a Railroad. I’ve specialized in ICU, Cardiac Catheterization Labs, and O.R. and P.A.C.U. for 35 years. I’ve spent 5 years teaching in a community college and 4 years in a Pennsylvania state funded school, training youth to become nursing assistants. I’ve produced a patient education video at the University of Florida and was a presenter at a corporate sponsored Cardiovascular Interventional symposium in Southern California.

I am a community volunteer and activist for the poor, the young and the old. I have co-sponsored events, networking people and organizations supporting equality and opportunity for all. Thanks to the support of my family, my co-workers, but especially this union, I can boast being laid off, being fired, and rising from the ashes to become a successful parent, respected community member, participator and contributor.

I’m asking for your vote as your Representative Coordinator at K.R.H.C.P.A. Our future is protected by our association in UNAC/UHCP. My life, my family and my patient’s lives have been so protected and enhanced by this organization. I’m asking for your vote to further this legacy. Thank you.




Lesley Quartey, RN

For KRHCPA Representative Coordinator

LesleyQuarteyMy name is Lesley Quartey and I have been a RN since August 2000 and before then a LVN and CNA. I started working with Kaiser Riverside in 2003 on 5W and of course floated to all the floors. I took a vacation relief clinic position in Ortho and Derm in 2008 then in 2012 worked in Ortho only as a message RN and occasionally work in the Minor Room working pre and post op. In 2011 I was finally able to get my BSN and my MSN in 2013.

For fun I like to travel and have been to Africa, China, Hong Kong and Macau recently which was an exhilarating experience. New Zealand will be my next big adventure. I also enjoy entertaining at home with family and friends and have just discovered Italian food.

My favorite saying is by Nelson Mandela which says “if you are humble people will embrace you.” This phrase resonates with me because in caring there is humility and courageousness to be able to take care of our members, patients and each other everyday despite how we feel. Nurses are well known to put themselves last after our families and as the Rep Coordinator with UNAC I will look out for Kaiser Nurses so that YOU continue to do GREAT work. One of the things I have learnt working with this company is that knowing our UNAC contract is vital and plan to help every RN know their rights under our contract. I know that I will serve you well and hope you vote for me. God Bless!!


Liz Hawkins, RN

For KRHCPA Vice President

LizHawkinsHi everyone, I am Elizabeth Hawkins. I have been a Registered Nurse for 29 years and 26 years have been at Riverside Kaiser in the Emergency Department. I have worked as a staff nurse, a charge nurse, a house supervisor, and in a position similar to the rapid response nurse.

I started my career at a non-union hospital and was discontented with the lack of fairness for vacations, job and shift transfers, mandatory OT, medical/dental benefits, retirement, and merit raises--in a nut shell, no voice and no one fighting for what was right. I left and found my way to Kaiser Riverside.

I became active in the union by attending general membership meetings and running as a delegate for conventions. Later I joined my dept. UBT and was labor co-lead for 5-6 years. I have also worked at a local and regional level developing and implementing the ED Ratios. I believe in the Labor Management Partnership when it truly functions as one. In 2011, I was selected to be the contract specialist at our local Riverside affiliate. I helped start the CAT team to fight for our contract and benefits in the 2012 negotiations. Those two years were invaluable to me; I gained so much knowledge and experience. I have met some awesome UNAC members and have enjoyed working side by side with you. I have been an affiliate officer for the last year and have worked closely with your

UNAC officers and our state rep to place our UNAC members that had their positions eliminated, and to represent members in my designated areas in multiple arenas. I'm running as Vice President because this position represents and supports both our hospital and clinic members, and would appreciate your support and welcome your questions and concerns. Thank you.


Leti Garcia, RNCH

For KRHCPA Treasurer


• Kaiser employee for 24 years currently Charge RN in FCC

• CAT (Communication Action Team) member

• Active Steward Training participant

• Office Manager at law firm for 21 years with experience in accounts payable, tax calculations, and overseeing the day to day finances of the firm.

I feel that my background prepared me for the challenge and the responsibility of being your affiliate treasurer. I am committed to serving our affiliate members and would like to be part of the KRHCPA leadership team.


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