Kimberly Mitchell: Next Stop San Dimas

November 2014

Kimberly Mitchell is a world traveler. Her favorite spot is southern Italy, but she’s also been to France, Greece and Egypt. She hasn’t left the U.S. in almost two years so her wanderlust is kicking in. When she’s not working as UNAC/UHCP’s newest administrative staff member, she also loves going to the theater and museums. Kim grew up in Pasadena but moved to Claremont in high school. This is her first job in the labor movement. She’s always wanted to help people a ecoming a nurse, but after watching what they do, she decided she wasn’t cut out for it.

Her mother was a Rad Tech until she retired from County USC Medical Center and was always a loyal union member. Kimberly saw how the union helped bring fairness and justice to her mom’s work place. Kimberly has gotten her medical care from Kaiser for many years, forging a close relationship to her doctor and the nurses there. She’s heard them talk about the issues they deal with at work and she feels good knowing that she now works for UNAC/UHCP as a part of helping them improve their working conditions.