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November 2013

Rep Coordinator Candidate Biographies


Debbie Oneal, RN

DebbieOnealMy name is Debbie Oneal. I have been working as a Contract Specialist for Kaiser Fontana Registered Nurses Association for the past year. I was appointed Interim Treasurer on August 2013. It has been a very rewarding and awesome experience. It has been a great pleasure meeting so many RN's and PA's involved with the Union. I am excited to run as Representative Coordinator for the year 2014. I have 14 years experience in the Emergency Department and 6 years as a member of the Critical Care Transport team. I am well qualified to do the job as Rep Coordinator having been involved in KFRNA for this amount of time. I will dedicate my knowledge and experience in educating members on the contract language, UNAC benefits, and rights and responsibilities of the organization. Let me be your voice! Please vote for me Debbie Oneal as Representative Coordinator of KFRNA.

Thank you
Debbie O'neal RN


Shirley Williamson, RN, BSN

ShirleyWilliamsonShirley Williamson RN BSN has been a KFRNA Officer for over 15 years. She has diligently and without pause represented most of us throughout the years. She has represented us at the UNA convention since 1999. She is the Master of Grievance preparation and as multiple awards from UNAC and AFSCME. She is a walking encyclopedia for anything union. If you ever have a question about our contract or hospital/clinic policy Shirley is the one you go to. She has an excellent reputation with her Peers and Management. She has proved herself to be trustworthy, honest and one who will always be by your side no matter what.

Please vote
This November


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