STATEMENT: Kentucky Teachers Score Education Victory

April 2018

UNAC/UHCP President Denise Duncan, RN, released the following statement about the successful drive to increase public education funding in Kentucky.

“In a major victory for Kentucky teachers, the state legislature voted today to override Governor Matt Bevin’s veto of a budget bill with nearly $487 million for schools and a tax bill to help finance the increased spending.

“Elected officials and teachers had returned to the Kentucky state Capitol earlier today as the fight for public education funding continues. Educators and supporters rallying in Frankfort held signs with messages including, ‘We’ve had enough,’ ‘Do your job, fund our schools now,’ and ‘Something doesn’t add up’. Dozens of Kentucky’s 120 school districts were closed today due to the planned civic action.

“After teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma in recent weeks fought for increased funding to schools in their states, both legislators and teachers are coming to terms with a dramatically different political landscape. The win in Kentucky signals that legislators can no longer prioritize tax cuts over money for schools.

“It’s evident that the tide has turned in America. Union members must stand in solidarity with all workers fighting for a more just society. It’s not hard to support teachers. So many of us have mothers, fathers, children, and in my case, sisters, who have worked as educators. We all know what hard work it is and instinctively support their cause. As we fight for teachers, so we must push for better workplace standards for those without the voice of a union. Congratulations to the Kentucky teachers for reminding us that when we stand together, we can win big changes in our communities.”



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