KDRNA Candidate Biographies

November 2013

Officer Candidate Biographies


Gayle Cantrell, RN

For KDRNA Executive Council Representative

Gayle_CantrellMy name is Gayle Cantrell. I am currently the Infertility Coordinator and have been in the OB/GYN infertility clinic for 21 years. I have worked for Kaiser for 30 years. I started as an LVN and am a graduate of the Kaiser LVN to RN program, in May 1990. Shortly after becoming an RN I became familiar with our union and have been proud member ever since. I have tried to help out with our union activities as often as possible. In the past I have taken the basic and advanced labor management classes and all the LMP classes offered by Kaiser. I have attended all but one UNAC-UHCP conventions since becoming an RN and part of the KDRNA. This being one of my final years at Kaiser I would like to do more than stand on the sidelines. So, I feel that the position of Executive Council Representative is a job that I can fulfill. With my years of experience and unique individual talents I feel that I can bring my good organizing skills to our board.


Jennifer Anderson, PHN

For KDRNA Treasurer

Jennifer Anderson has been a Registered Nurse since 1999. She began her employment with Kaiser in 2002, as a Home Health RN at Imperial Satellite in Downey. Jennifer has always been intrigued with the UNAC contract, and frequently referred to it to better aquaint herself and her fellow nurses with their benefits. She was always impressed with the officers of the Bellflower/Downey affiliate and admired their passion and knowledge. So, she decided to apply for and was chosen as the KDRNA Contract Specialist in 2012. This was an amazing experience for Jennifer. She was able to meet and assist fellow nurses from the clinics and hospital, and gained invaluable knowledge of the contract and policies. The most inspiring event of that year was seeing the power of unity during the bargaining meetings of 2012. It solidified her belief that if nurses stick together, they are a very powerful group! Jennifer was later chosen to be part of the board as Executive Council Representative pro tem in 2013. She decided to run for treasurer in part, because she has always prided herself on budgeting finances. In fact, while putting herself through nursing school she supported herself and her 3 young children while working part-time on a shoestring budget. Jennifer would be honored to have your vote as treasurer for this term, and in turn promises to always make ethical decisions that would protect and honor the integrity of our union. Please vote for Jennifer Anderson, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN for Treasurer of Kaiser Downey Registered Nurses Association. Thank you!


Cherry Garcia, RN

For KDRNA Treasurer

CherryGarciaMy name is Cherry Ann F. Garcia RN. I am currently at Kaiser Permanente Downey Emergency Department since June 2010 and have been a member of UNAC-UHCP. These last 3 years have been a great learning opportunity to appreciate the importance of having a good union that continually fights for our quest for creating a better working condition, improving the quality of patient care, professional advancement as well as better wages and benefits. Coming from Arizona and had worked for 13 years in a non-union environment, working conditions of nurses are far different due to absence of this valuable force in the workplace.

Currently, I serve as an Affiliate Steward and a member of Affiliate Finance Committee. I had the opportunity to participate in 2012 Kaiser Contract Negotiation and served as a delegate for 2013 UNAC-UHCP Special Convention. I am actively engage in Political Action, Media Training, Council meetings, participated in Grievance presentation in collaboration with Human Resources, Duty of Fair Representation for members, Labor Management Partnership for improving work condition and last but not the least, Steward Trainings, to which provided me the best training that benefited me and my coworkers as I become more active in Labor activities in the ED. Being part of an organization that cultivates professional growth is one of my reason to be actively involved in our union and our cause.

I strongly advocate solidarity amongst our members and in unity, we will be able to withstand challenges in our future battle in enforcing our contract as well as in our future negotiations. My vision is to serve and protect the rights of our members, being visible and transparent and bringing in the responsibilities of good treasury and fiduciary roles. I am looking forward to serve in this role and utilizing my learning experience to empower, advocate and promote membership involvement to help grow our union and our role to the community.

Thank you for your support.
Cherry Ann F. Garcia, RN, BSN



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