KDRNA Candidate Biographies

January 2014

Officer Candidate Biographies: Run-Off Election

Gregory Brown, RN for KDRNA Executive Council Representative

My name is Gregory Brown. I have been a registered nurse and a member of UNAC since 2000. I currently work in the Emergency Department at Kaiser Downey. I believe that nurses are the most important work force in the Kaiser Permanente organization. I believe that as a bargaining unit, nurses can implement change for all Kaiser employees in a positive way. I have always believed in standing up for what is right, fair, and true. In this upcoming year, we as employees of Kaiser Permanente will be involved in negotiations that will affect our futures and the futures of nurses to come. When elected, I will work towards the fair, ethical, and proper treatment of all our nurses. We need leaders that are willing to serve with honesty and integrity. I look forward towards serving you, and helping to propel our nurses in a positive direction in the future.

Camille Alvarez Davis, RN for KDRNA Treasurer

Camille Alvarez Davis, RNMy name is Camille Alvarez Davis. I currently work at the procedure center. I have been working at Kaiser Permanente for the past 25 years. I became an RN in 2005 in GI lab in Fontana. I transfer to Downey Gastro department in 2008 and since coming to Downey I decided to become more involved with the union. I have attended all the labor management partnership classes, which also included basic labor and advanced Labor classes. I am currently an Affiliate Steward and an active member on the UBT team. I had the opportunity to serve as a delegate for the 2013 UNAC-UHCP Special Convention. I was the Contract Specialist for 2013 in which I had the opportunity to meet and educated a lot member about the contract and policy. And through my rounds I have given you a voice to be heard through the union. Now that my term as Contract specialist is over I realize that there is still a lot of work to be done. Please consider me for the position of KDRNA Treasurer.

Jennifer Anderson, RN for KDRNA Treasurer

Jennifer Anderson, RNJennifer Anderson began her employment with Kaiser in 2002, as a Home Health RN at Imperial Satellite in Downey. She has always been intrigued with the UNAC contract, and frequently referred to it to better acquaint herself and her fellow nurses with their benefits. Jennifer was always impressed with the officers of the Bellflower/Downey affiliate and admired their passion and knowledge. So, she was inspired to apply for and was chosen as the KDRNA Contract Specialist in 2012. This was an amazing experience for Jennifer. She was able to meet and assist fellow nurses from the clinics and hospital, and gained invaluable knowledge of the contract and policies. The most inspiring event of that year was seeing the power of unity during the bargaining meetings of 2012. It solidified her belief that if nurses stick together, they are a very powerful group!

Jennifer was later chosen to be part of the board as Executive Council Representative pro tem in 2013. She decided to run for treasurer in part, because she has always prided herself on budgeting finances. In fact, while putting herself through nursing school she supported herself and her 3 young children while working part-time on a shoestring budget. Jennifer would be honored to have your vote as treasurer for this term, and in turn promises to always make ethical decisions that will protect and honor the integrity of our union.

Please vote for Jennifer Anderson, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN for Treasurer of Kaiser Downey Registered Nurses Association. Thank you!

Karla Bernier, RN, for KDRNA Executive Council Representative

Hello my name is Karla Bernier and I am running for the office of Executive Council Representative. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been a RN at Kaiser Bellflower/Downey since April 2001. I currently work on 5 West Med/Surg. I have worked ICU/DOU in the past. I am currently an elected member of KDRNA, holding the position of Master Committee Rep. I am also involved with the Labor Management Partnership as a Master Trainer for LMP as well as a member of the Safety Committee. I have a passion for helping RN’s learn more about their contract and collective bargaining rights. I am a patient advocate and committed to helping Kaiser Downey RN’s maintain a strong presence as represented employees.

I am running for the office of Executive Council Representative because it will allow me more involvement with UNAC/UHCP at the State level and in doing so I will be able to bring back more information to our affiliate that can benefit us at a local union. I am asking you for your vote. I promise to uphold the office to the highest of integrity and represent our members to the best of my ability. Please remember my name, Karla Bernier for the office of Executive Council Representative.

Thank you for your support!