Kaiser Therapists: Negotiations Update

July 2013

After several negotiating sessions, we reached tentative agreement today on Job Postings and Vacancies. Highlights of this agreement include:

• There will be a 7 day exclusive period for internal candidates applying for non-promotional transfers. This includes full-time, part-time, and per diem. The preference for filling job vacancies will be in this order:

1. Within the medical center and associated medical office buildings where the position is posted.
2. All other bargaining unit Health Care Professionals.
3. Applicants from outside of the bargaining unit.

• Job postings will be communicated to the Union and posted simultaneously.

• Therapists will participate on an interviewing panel for promotional transfers.

• Promotions will be based on qualifications and demonstrated ability. Internal candidates will be given preference over external candidates.

• When a therapist is transferred or promoted he or she has the right to return to their former position within a 30 day trial period.

Our next negotiation sessions will focus on overtime pay, schedules, rest/meal periods, shifts, and alternative work schedules.

The next negotiation sessions are scheduled for August 7 and 8.

“Being in the negotiations has alerted me to the many needs of the OT/PT/RTs. We have become a cohesive group striving for the same things: Better work conditions, improved benefits and optimal satisfaction for all.”
-Terri A. Chavez, OTR/L, Ontario Medical Center

Download and print a leaflet with this information to share with co-workers.