Kaiser Therapists December Negotiations

October 2013

Our negotiating team met with management on October 16, 21 and 23.

We continued discussions regarding the following:

ETO Vacation scheduling:

  • Vacations outside of a holiday week and vacations during holidays were discussed separately
  • Emphasis on adding more opportunities for time off during the summer months
  • Ability to take time off, and request time off for anticipated ETO accrual for the year

Patient Care Advocacy and Professional Practice:

  • Regional committees to have a place to discuss workplace concerns, practices etc in an environment that will utilize a joint decision making process
  • Availability to have access to a senior therapist
  • Staffing/workload: Outpatient and Home Health were discussed in great detail; Inpatient has yet to be discussed

Compensation: No agreement has been reached

Discussions will continue in November, as agreement has not been reached regarding these topics.

The next negotiating sessions are November 1, 13, 19 and 26.

Download and print a leaflet with this information to share with co-workers.